The Academic Coordinator of International Mobility of the Faculty of Biology will convene an informative meeting a few days before the deadline for applying for Erasmus Scholarships (September-October).

Annual. Application deadline: October of each year.

Duration time:
The period of stay will be: a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months.
You can enjoy up to a maximum of 12 months per cycle of studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).

Academic requirements:
There are international mobility regulations from the University of Salamanca and complementary regulations from the Faculty of Biology
Undergraduate students: they will be able to enjoy mobility from their third year of studies and must have passed 1º and 2º course at the time of leaving.
Students can NOT study abroad subjects of those who have previously enrolled in this University

Language requirements:
The student must justify knowledge of the language required by the destination University. The list of destinations indicates the minimum language level recommended by the different Universities
The justification can be made by means of a certificate presented by the student or by an exam carried out by the Central Language Service (
For any questions regarding the justification of the language and accepted language certificates, contact the Central Language Service.
If you want to apply for universities with different teaching languages, you must complete an application for each language.

Available destinations:
The Faculty of Biology has signed agreements with different European Universities. In the MOBILITY/ERASMUS/CONVENTIONS section of the website you can consult the places available in the different destinations for Biology and Biotechnology students, as well as their duration and the required language level.

Choice of destination:
The choice of destination will be made in a public meeting where the student himself or the person to whom he delegates must be present, duly authorized.
Students, from the highest to the lowest record, will choose from the available destinations Once the destination is chosen, it cannot be changed.
Important: prior to the election, the student must look at the programs of the different Universities and verify that there are subjects with contents similar to those he wants to recognize in the USAL In particular, this applies to compulsory subjects, whose competencies must be similar. This previous work is very important to make a good choice since each University is different.

Academic recognition:
The recognition for students pursuing undergraduate studies will be carried out following the rules of the USAL and the Faculty of Biology taking into account that the subjects will be equalized according to their teaching load in ECTS credits and taking into account the coincidence of acquired competencies
The Coordinator of the Faculty of Biology will supervise, advise and finally, give the go-ahead to the teaching agreement (Learning Agreement) of the person who have scholarships before their Erasmus leave
Studies carried out abroad will be recognized by the University of Salamanca based on the study contract or teaching agreement (Learning Agreement), which will be signed by the scholarship recipient, the Coordinator of the Faculty of Biology and the Coordinator of the University abroad.

Financial aid:
The Erasmus scholarship consists of a monthly financial aid (which varies according to the years), intended to cover the additional expenses involved in studying abroad such as travel expenses, language preparation or difference in the cost of the standard of living of the host country Therefore, these scholarships are not intended to cover all the expenses of students during the period of study abroad. European aid depends on the country of destination and the funds available Erasmus scholarships are compatible with any other additional aid (Junta de Castilla y León, Banco Santander, etc.) unless otherwise indicated The academic fees derived from the registration will be paid at the University of Salamanca, but students will be exempt from them at the foreign host institution Incompatibilities: Students who travel throughout the course will continue to receive all of their scholarships or student aid granted by the National State or other sources to which they are normally entitled, except in the case of Collaboration and Research Scholarships. More information: USAL International Relations

Links of Interest:
USAL International Relations (RRII)
Erasmus Scholarships for Studies
Central Language Service
ERASMUS Destinations 2022-2023

More information:
Academic Coordinator of International Mobility of the Faculty of Biology:
Prof. Jesús Lacal Romero
Departmental Building, 324
Ext: 1933


ERASMUS 2024-2025 DESTINATIONS: Visit this link for more information about the available agreements
. List updated as of September 21, 2023.


Dr. Jesús Lacal Romero
Academic Coordinator of International Mobility of the Faculty of International Biology ERASMUS Biology Coordinator.


Tutoring hours / Office hours:
Contact the coordinator by mail / Contact the coordinator by mail.

Documents to sign / documents to be signed by coordinator:
Please leave them at the Secretariat of Biology (to Mar Fouces), Ground Floor Faculty of Biology Please
, leave documents in Administration Office to Mar Fouces.



Visit this link for more information.


Dr. David Díaz López
SICUE Academic Mobility Coordinator of the Faculty of Biology


Tutoring hours / Office hours:
Contact the coordinator by email.

Documents to sign / documents to be signed by coordinator:
Please leave them at the Secretariat of Biology (to Mar Fouces), Ground Floor Faculty of Biology